Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

"Thank you so much for the massage. This is the first time in a very very long time I've woken up without a headache."

- Jasmine

"When Oana massaged me I had a back pain in one particular spot that lasted for nearly a month and seemed like i would never get rid of. Not only the massage was very relaxing and mind clensing, at the end of the session the pain was gone and hadn't returned."

- Ines

"The massage Oana gave me was fantastic and very professional. She was very attentive to my comfort the whole time and customised the massage to suit the area's I needed or wanted to work on. Amazing!! Thank you Oana"

- Kim

Absolutely incredible massage. Oana has magic hands and amazing patience and devotion. She does an relaxing but intense deep massage. I feel like my aches and pains have all disappeared! All the stiffness after pregnancy and 3 months of brestfeading got me in to a point where I though just with phisioterphy I can get an improvement. I sincerely recomanda Oana for a full body massage specialy as a new mum you're back and neck are in much need. I felt so relaxed after I had the message , just as an return from an relaxing holiday . Thanks a lot!"

- Raluca

"Oana is a natural healer and understands the human anatomy, mind, body and soul. I am looking forward to my next massage with Oana and I would highly recommend Oana to anyone who is looking to destress, clear up energy blockages within the body and or anyone who does intense exercise like myself and requires a deep tissue massage."

- Ray

"I had the privilege of meeting Oana at the Love Shack, a vegan cafe in London. I had recently damaged my lower back being a carer for my mum and helping her to move around. My back would lock and go into spasms which hurt immensely. Oana introduced Ayevedic Yoga Massage which I had never had or yet heard of. Oana used different oils on both occasions to work and locate the main root source of where pain was coming from. Oana's relaxing touch along with stretching process alleviated the pain and gave me considerably more movement. She has a very gentle and effective approach to her massage in which she is very attuned to. Thank you Oana, your a healer."

- Woody Stewart

"Oana gave me one of the best massages of my life. She made extra special effort to make sure I was comfortable including using a heated blanket. She made sure the pressure was perfect which enabled me to stay present the whole time and enjoy it rather than falling asleep which I always do with other therapists. I also loved the feeling of the exfoliating powder she uses as well as the facial oil which smells just divine. I highly recommend her and can't wait to see her again."

- Didi, The Vegan Accountant

"I had the pleasure of having my first ever Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, by the utterly incredible soul that is Oana. I've had problems with my shoulders for years and even after 1 hour the difference is amazing, I haven't felt this loose in a long time and the whole experience was lovely. I look forward to booking in my next session."

- Portabello Vegan

"I had Arjuvedic Yoga Massage with Oana several times now and recommend it wholeheartedly. I travel a lot and often experience lower back pain as well carry tension in my upper back and this type of massage works wonders for me - it helps dissipate the pain and relaxes both my body and mind. Oana is attentive and has a wonderful energy and it is clear that she puts love into everything she does - from beautifully selected oils, through working with the breath and yoga stretches to skilfully executed massage. It’s simply more than a massage - it’s a transformative experience!"

- Marzena

"Amaaaazing. I have had an Ayurvedic yoga massage from Oana three times, I think, now and it has been such a release each time. For me, that is a big thing because I have the tickles allover. However, Oana’s skills had magically transformed my deep tension areas into lighter energy. Not only did I feel this physical transformation, but emotionally too. Since the massage relaxes the muscles and making it easier to find the tension, you just start letting go of all that clutter! I am definitely getting this again. And I also 100% recommended with whatever problems you may have in the body/mind."

- Imaan Khan

"These massages are crazy good! It’s like floating on a warm cloud. The best treat you can get after a stressful week... or any weeks really :) Thanks Oana!"

- Ben

"My massage with Oana was everything I hoped it would be. She is incredibly athletic and agile, which transfers over to the receiving massage incredibly! Her strength allowed her to really work the tight areas of my back for a prolonged time. But would only apply the pressure I could handle. Throughout the massage, I felt so relaxed and at peace with Oana's energy. I really believe she has healing hands. She is gentle, caring, calming and loving. It was a beautiful and really beneficial experience for me. I can't wait to return."

- Summer C

"Oana has a calm and gentle nature that immediately puts you at ease. She explains what she’s doing as she’s going, and regularly makes sure she’s not using too much pressure. She added some natural ingredients to the oils that provided more texture, which was a really nice touch. By the end of the experience, I felt more refreshed than I had for a long while, and I’ll be booking again real soon!"

- Baris

"I have a lot of massages as I do a lot of exercise, so need something that is going to specifically work the areas I need to and that's often meant sports massage, which can be painful and a little cold. What Oana offered was truly something better, kinder, less painful yet _more_ impactful. A massage that connects body and spirit. I felt truly looked after, and my body had all the support it needed to meet the demands place on it. I will 100% use keep working it Oana, she's amazing."

- Ruth

" Oana is a wonderful practitioner, She works with an intuition that i have never seen before. We have been working on years of tension. I always feel wonderful after a massage from Oana. She always gives everything, the whole session is uplifting which is testimony to how much of a wonderful person she is. I have advised many friends & even strangers that they should have a session with oana. Her healing is truly transformational. "

- Jamie P

"She is completely intuitive and is not afraid to gently but steadfastly work with an area in my body to ease the tensions (both known and unknown!). She has a gift and I can't help but tell my friends about her. I want them to know what massages can really be like."

- Alexia

" I experienced Oana’s Ayurvedic massage for the first time recently, Oana was recommended to me by a family member. I have to say I have had many massages around the world and Oana’s AYM , is not only a excellent Ayurvedic massage, but felt a lot of great energy work that comes With her technique! Oana has an exceptional knowledge of wellness, dietary recommendations and advice for people who seek it! I felt a warm and caring wholeness applied in to her work.

I had a lot of pain coming from my liver and stomach.. Oana easily navigated to the pain and soon after she magically worked the pain out my of my body leaving me energised refuelled , excited and most importantly loved. ( I haven’t found this anywhere , most massages are ended in a hurry and on to next client, but here this was not the case! )

No other massage has left me feeling in this much bliss!

I really recommend this for everyone, seriously the experience leaves you floating! "

- Hass